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Southwest Your Nest Kit
Designed for a 3'x5' rug
With Our Rug
$23+ savings*
With Your Rug
  • Each kit includes:
    • One 3’x5’ rug in Mojave
    • One 13 oz. can of colorant in Shadow Grey
    • One 13 oz. can of colorant in Merlot
    • Two 13 oz. cans of sealant
    • One Mountain Step Stencil (20"x20")
    • One High Plains Wind Stencil (20"x20")
  • Kit can be used to create the three pattern combinations shown, or used to create your own custom pattern with the stencils provided.
  • Made in the USA

* When compared to products purchased separately.
  • Vecco Colorant has no VOCs so you can safely create indoors!
  • Stencils are reusable at least 6 times.
  • Making straight lines is simple. Just use masking tape!
  • Rugs are premium quality plush cut pile nylon or polyester made in the USA.
  • Use a rug pad (sold separately) on wood or other smooth surfaces. 5’x8’ anti-slip rug pads can be cut to your desired size.
  • Sealed colorant is durable in high-traffic areas.
  • Mistake-proof! Colors dry to a powder and are easily vacuumed up.
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