Product Story

What's Vecco?

Vecco is a collection of sprays and stencils that help you create your own permanent rug design at home.

Our products are as safe as they are fun. Most of the ingredients in Vecco Colorants are made from the earth, and all Vecco products are made in the USA.

Our Carpet Colorants


Are safe

Our Carpet Colorants are made of water-based pigments rather than harmful chemicals, and the cans are propelled by the same air we breathe.

Can Be Used Indoors

Any overspray can be wiped off of tables and hardwood floors.

Are Easy to Hold

Our Carpet Colorant cans are designed to be held upside down for better control.


Can Be Vacuumed

When Vecco Carpet Colorants dry, the liquid evaporates and a concentrated pigment powder is left behind. This means you can just vacuum the powder off your rug to make any edits.

Are Good for All Ages

Our Carpet Colorants wash out of clothing and can be sprayed around kids and pets when used as directed.

Our Stencils


Vecco’s stencils are specially created for use on rugs. The plush top layer prevents drips, and the waterproof backing eliminates bleed-through.

Our Colorant Lock


The only way to make your design permanent is by spraying two coats of our Colorant Lock on your completed design. It’ll stay bright, soft and pliable for years to come.